SODEC: A Snapshot


Support the development of Québec’s cultural enterprises  and ensure that heritage buildings are protected and promoted.


Striving to make Québec’s cultural industry stand out locally and internationally through the competitiveness of its businesses and the quality, diversity, originality and accessibility of their products.


Film and Television production

  • Production companies that create short and full-length feature films (fiction, documentary, animated)
  • Promoters and distributors of Québec television and film productions
  • Young creators
  • Movie theatre operators
  • Festivals, events and promotional activities that showcase television and film production in Québec and abroad

Books and publishing

  • Certified editors
  • Certified bookstores
  • Book fairs
  • Various professional industry associations and groups

Fine arts and crafts

  • Artisans and organizations active in the fine arts
  • Marketing activities providing exposure to the fine arts
  • Art galleries
  • Various Professional industry associations

Music and variety

  • Quebec companies that produce audio recordings or shows, manage artists, or organize events in the musical and variety show industry
  • Festivals, events and promotional activities that showcase musical and variety shows in Québec and abroad
  • Professional industry associations

Heritage property conservation

  • Partners in the residential, commercial, cultural and tourism sectors