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March 17 to 24, 2023

Québec at Series Mania Forum

Québec Creates umbrella


Nearly fifty Québec-based television industry professionals will be participating in the Series Mania Forum in Lille, France, between March 21 and 23, under the SODEC Québec Creates banner.



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Coming Next From Québec

March 22, 2023, at 5:30 p.m. – Room Marie Curie, Lille Grand Palais

Organized by SODEC in collaboration with Bell Media, CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution, Quebecor Content and Télé-Québec, Coming Next From Québec invites you to discover seven original series ready to be launched on the international market.


Logo Bell Media


Suzane Landry
Vice President, Content Development, Programming and News

Good Morning Chuck (or the Art of Harm Reduction)

Produced by St Laurent TV

Photo de la série Bon matin Chuck


Still I Rise

Produced by Zone3 and ZAMA Productions

Photo de la série Après le déluge



Logo CBC et Radio-Canada distribution



André Béraud

Senior Director, Scripted Programs 


Before the Crash

Produced by Les Productions Sovimage

Photo de la série Avant le crash

The Candidate

Produced by Encore Television

Photo de la série La Candidate



Logo Quebecor Content

Sylvie Langlois

Director, Acquisitions – Format Entertainment & International Development


Produced by ALSO Productions

Photo de la série Mégantic



Produced by Encore Television

Photo de la série Les Perles


Logo de Télé-Québec


Virginie Langlois

Director, Original Content and Acquisitions, Scripted and Factual

Thin Air

Produced by Urbania

Photo de la série L'air d'aller

Québec series in official competition at the Series Mania Festival

Two Québec series are selected in official competition at the Series Mania Festival (March 17-24, 2023).

Désobéir : Le choix de Chantale Daigle, produced by ALSO Productions

Photo de la série Désobéir - Le choix de Chantale Daigle

Category: International Panorama
Number of episodes: 6 episodes
Produced by: Sophie Lorain, Alexis Durand-Brault
Content Producers: Sophie Lorain, Gaëlle d’Ynglemare
Script: Isabelle Pelletier, Daniel Thibault
Director: Alexis Durand-Brault
Music: DAZMO
Contact: Max Oliveras  (Attraction Distribution International) |

Synopsis: At the age of 21, Chantale Daigle falls in love with, and subsequently becomes pregnant by, Jean-Guy Tremblay, a man who will turn out to be manipulative and abusive. After a stormy relationship, she leaves him and chooses to have an abortion⋅⋅⋅ but Jean-Guy, his pride injured and unwilling to end their relationship, turns to the court to prevent her from undergoing the procedure. Against all expectations, a judge rules in his favour, despite the fact that abortion was decriminalized a year earlier. If Chantale goes ahead with the abortion, she will become an outlaw and could face two years in prison and a $50,000 fine. Swept up in a media and political whirlwind, Chantale finds her life turned upside down forever. Will she find the strength to stand by her choice to the very end⋅⋅⋅ even to the extent of defending it before the Supreme Court of Canada?

Nichole, produced by Inséparables Films

Photo de la série Nichole

Category: Short Forms Competition
Number of episodes: 6 episodes
Created by: Guenièvre Sandré, Gabriel Savignac
Script: Guenièvre Sandré
Directors: Guenièvre Sandré, Gabriel Savignac
Contact: Jérémie Boucher (Inséparables films) |

Synopsis: In search of fame and recognition, the self-proclaimed « rising star » Nichole is trying to break into Montreal’s music scene. Through a documentary project, a small film crew gets a glimpse into Nichole’s life filled with devotion and carefreeness, in search of becoming a superstar.

Other Québec series at Series Mania

One serie in Sponsored Screenings

About Antoine

Photo de la série À propos d'Antoine



March 21, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Room 2.3, level 2, Lille Grand Palais

Cathleen Rouleau
Direction: Podz (Daniel Grou)
Production: ComediHa!

Contact: Alexandre Avon, Vice President Global Distribution, Comediha Distribution |


Four Québec series in the festival’s video library

In addition to the series selected in competition, two episodes of the following series may be viewed by registered participants.