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March 22 to 24, 2022


The Séries Mania Festival takes place every year in Lille, France. It is one of the most important festivals for TV series on the international scene.

Edition 2021




August 30, 2021
4 p.m. – 5 p.m.
Van Gogh Room, Lille Grand Palais

SODEC is partnering with CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution and Quebecor Content to present Coming Next From Québec, giving a sneak preview of six original series and an excellent portrait of creative Québec:


Logo CBC et Radio-Canada distribution





Contact :

Mia Desroches
Director, content distribution partnership


After produced by Duo Productions
Doute raisonnable produced by Aetios Productions
A Family Affair
produced by Productions Also



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Contact :

Yann Paquet
Vice-President, Strategy and International Affairs



Audrey’s Back produced by Pixcom
Chaos produced by Amalga & Keep It Simple
Last Summer of the Raspberries
produced by Trio Orange


Official Selection

Two Quebec series are selected among the official competition this year.

Category: International Panorama
International Premiere



Dark Soul
6 episodes


“Dark Soul” explores the collateral damage surrounding an unforgivable act committed by a 16 year-old teen, Jeremy. With the help of the psychiatrist-coroner in charge of the investigation, Jeremy’s mom tries to understand how her son, a seemingly trouble-free boy, could commit such a hateful crime. What triggered this nightmare? When did everything change? Together, the two women set out on a mission to unravel the mystery.

Creation: Patrick Lowe et Annabelle Poisson
Script: Patrick Lowe et Annabelle Poisson – 6 episodes
Direction: Sophie Deraspe – 6 episodes
Music: Philippe Brault

Contact :

Encore Télévision-Distribution
Chrystine Girard
Head of International Distribution


Category: Short Forms Competition
European Premiere



Felix, Maude and the end of the world
10 episodes


The day after an eclipse, Felix realizes he’s the last person on the planet. Initially confused, he enjoys his time alone but soon falls into a deep depression—until he meets Maude. The duo works together to survive and solve the mystery of humanity’s disappearance.

Creation: Michel Brouillette et Stéphanie Perreault
Script: Michel Brouillette et Stéphanie Perreault – 10 episodes
Direction: Dan et PAG – 10 episodes
Music: Maxime Fortin

Contact :

Trio Orange International
Roselyne Brouillet
Director, International Distribution & Business Development