From April 4 to 6, 2022

Digital MIPTV 2021

Québec Participants to DIGITAL MIPTV 2021

Brain Freeze

Brain Freeze Film

WaZabi Films

Contact : Dounia Ismaïl, international sales coordinator
Email :

Synopsis : As winter approaches, an exclusive Golf Club hires a Multinational biotech whose “revolutionary” fertilizer melts the snow and genetically modifies the grass so its affluent members can play golf all year round.  The result is the contamination of the water which ultimately transforms most of the residents into Zombies. One of the few survivors, teenage boy André, watches as the infection rapidly spreads, leaving him alone with his baby sister Annie. Along with Dan, the community security guard and self-proclaimed survivalist, they embark on an adventure that takes them to the source of the contamination.

Runtime : 92 min | Genre : zombie-comedy | Status : post-production

Looking to : meet buyers

Fear of dancing

Fear of dancing film

Tortuga Films inc.

Contact : Adam Pajot Gendron
Email :

Synopsis : A filmmaker on a quest to uncover why he and so many others on this planet are terrified of dancing is plunged into a rarely seen world rife with sex, spirituality, robots, stereotypes, virtual reality, and a deadly medieval epidemic. Watch the trailer

Runtime : 78 min / 52 min | Genre : documentary | Status : available

Looking for : international sales (broadcast, OTT, VSD, etc.)

Félix, Maude and the End of the World

Félix, Maude et la fin du monde

Trio Orange

Contact : Roselyne Brouillet, international distribution manager

Email :

Synopsis : After a strange solar eclipse leaves Félix convinced that he is the only person left on Earth, he must come to grips with his new reality. His life changes for the better after he meets Maude. Watch the trailer

Runtime : 10 x 10/12 min | Genre : Science-fiction, adventure | Status : available

Looking for : distribution deals

Here’s the Magic

Here's the magic

Prestigo Medias

Contact : Daniel Coutu, president
Email :

Synopsis : For budding magicians, “Here’s the Magic” is the place to be! Magician Daniel Coutu pulls off, step by step, 108 magic tricks using everyday items as props. Easy to follow, every kid will be able to amaze parents and friends with their slight of hand. Designed to be easily taught and adapted for kids, these tricks will surprise you every time! Watch the trailer

Runtime : 48 x 5 min + 30 x 15 min | Genre : comedy | Status : available

Looking for : international sales

Humour Resources

Humour resources film

Just for Laughs

Contact : Fred Joubaud, director of content and strategic partnerships
Email  :

Synopsis : Humour Resources follows Jon Dore as a retired comedian turned Human Resources manager for the Comedy business. Filmed during the height of the COVID-19 outbreak while under quarantine, Jon, living with his girlfriend Christina Love and her 6-year-old daughter Emma, meets with comedians via webcam from his home office to evaluate and consult on the appropriateness of their material and overall “workplace” behaviour. Cast: Jon Dore, Sarah Silverman, Ronny Chieng, Tom Green, Nikki Glaser, etc. Watch the trailer

Runtime : 6 x 30 min | Genre : comedy | Status : available

Looking for : international broadcasters for season 1 and international pre-sales for season 2

The Memory of Skin

Memory of skin

Ideacom International inc.

Contact : Josette D. Normandeau, president and producer
Email :

Synopsis : Though usually off limits to outsiders, the world’s most celebrated tattoo artists open the door to hidden worlds and guide us off the beaten track. From Mumbai to Moscow, and Tokyo to Tahiti, we witness rare tribal rituals and ceremonies. We journey into the criminal underworld. And we meet the brave creators using art to heal the world.

Runtime : 10 x 52 min | Genre : documentary | Status : in development

Looking for : international pre-sales

Patrick Senécal Presents

Patrick Senécal présente

Zone 3

Contact : Mélanie Ratté, CEO, creation and business relationships
Email :

Synopsis : Patrick Senécal Presents is an anthology series featuring stories that delve into the world of horror, mystery, suspense, sci-fi and dark humor. Each episode opens with Patrick Senécal delivering a short introduction to the episode, in an ironic and complicit tone. The stories rely on strong characters and feature renowned actors. Each episode, in its content, mood, and setting, will keep you on the edge of your seat! Watch the trailer

Runtime : 10 x 30 min | Genre : anthology (fantastic, thriller, horror) | Status : production / available

Looking to : give international exposure to Zone 3’s catalog and to sell our programs and formats. Also find potential fiction coproduction partners

Perfect Storm

Perfect Strom

KO Distribution

Contact : Barbara Vallant, Head of formats – Sales and Acquisitions
Email :

Synopsis : Isabelle, single mother of 3 children, will show that custody can be shared, but that concerns are never-ending. She experiences daily life in the heart of the storm, in the perfect storm. Watch the trailer

Runtime : 13 x 30 min | Genre : comedy | Status : available – season 2 in writing

Looking for : sales and acquisitions of formats


Contact : Manuel Badel, president
Email :

Synopsis : addresses two issues: the management and monetization of rights, and the financing of media projects. Platz enables efficiency and control in production and marketing, and addresses investors and fans by creating the confidence and flexibility to support projects that meet their interests. Platz creates value by being a single authentication and tracking terminal and offers the possibility of impact investing, resulting in a better connection with audiences.

Runtime : n/a | Genre : platform | Status : in development

Looking for : pilot projects with producers or distributors, and business partnerships

Super Agent Jon Le Bon!

Super Agent Jon le Bon

Happy Camper Média

Contact : Renaud Sylvain, CEO and executive producer
Email :

Synopsis : A super-duper-secret organization called the Agency is responsible for protecting the Earth and its population from supervillains thriving with wicked ideas and ambitions! The Agency counts amongst its ranks the famous super-agent Jon Le Bon, who always manages to achieve what he undertakes without even trying and constantly saves the Earth from impending disasters.

Runtime : 39 x 7 min | Genre : 2D animation | Status : available

Looking for : international sales, pre-sales and coproductions

The Adventures of Li’lDoc

The Adventures of Lil'Doc

Gala Productions

Contact : Philippe Régnoux, CEO and  producer
Email : 

Synopsis : The young Canadian doctor Li’lDoc and her chameleon companion Geeko are an all-time duo of explorers. They are curious, hungry for discovery and always there to explain various health issues that affect both adults and children. From small “owies” to more severe sickness, explaining health is their business! While setting off in search of their friends from the animal shelter scattered across the four corners of the world, Li’lDoc and Geeko come face to face with puzzling surprises and health issues of all kinds. Li’lDoc diagnoses, investigates, refers the sick to specialists, and also takes the time to observe and understand the context of certain health issues in every country. Like a full-scale treasure hunt, Geeko and Li’lDoc take us on a fun trip where they discover different cultures and raise awareness about local health issues. The adventures of Li’lDoc is a series that educates, entertains and inspires the health practitioners of the future.

Runtime : 20 x 11 min | Genre : animation | Status : in development

Looking for : For our two international projects (the animated series The Adventures of Li’lDoc and The Fortissimos), we are looking for investment partners to go into production in the Spring and Fall of 2021 respectively

The Last Bridesmaid

The last bridesmaid film

Muse Distribution International

Contact : Shawn Rosengarten, vice-president, distribution
Email :

Synopsis : Having been a part of no less than nine weddings, Becca Foster seems to be living the old adage, “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” She’ll soon notch her 10th ceremony as maid of honor to her cousin Lucie, who hopes Becca will hit it off with her fiancé’s good-natured best man, Aidan. But there is another man in the picture: Kyle Taylor, the handsome videographer who, like Becca, has creative aspirations beyond his day job. As Kyle and Becca encourage each other to follow their dreams, they realize they must listen to their heart.  Watch the trailer

Runtime : 90 min | Genre : romantic comedy | Status  : available

Looking for : Muse is looking to grow its global footprint via contacts with broadcast and digital partners

Tom’s Tiny Toys

Tom's tiny toys

Syon Media inc.

Contact : Danny Bergeron, producer
Email :

Synopsis : Tom is a thoughtful and kind 6-year-old boy whose life was turned upside down the day he found a box of 5 tiny robot toys left for him in the attic by his grandfather. But these toys are not regular toys, they are alive and ready for some fun! Now, Tom has five tiny best friends that live in his room and go everywhere with him hidden in his backpack. Together, they head out every day to face the challenges of being a kid.

Runtime : 52 x 11 min | Genre : animation | Status : in development

Looking for : commissions and pre-buys


Watch Media Ranch

Distribution Media Ranch

Contact : Tanja van der Goes, vice-president
Email :

Synopsis : There’s nothing more gripping than watching world-class talent; and nothing more thrilling than a high stakes game show. Put the two together and you get…WATCH! Watch the trailer

Runtime : 60 min | Genre : Quiz | Status : Available

Looking for : Broadcasters and Producers (for new programs acquisitions)