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June, 2020


More than 200 films are in official selection at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. The International Animation Film Market (Mifa) is the animation industry’s foremost showcase in terms of co-producing, purchasing, selling, financing and distributing animation content for all broadcasting platforms.

Québec in Annecy – 2019

Feature Film Contrechamp

  • Ville Neuve, directed by Félix Dufour-Laperrière and produced by Unité Centrale

Short Films produced by NFB

  • The Procession, directed by Pascal Blanchet and Rodolphe Saint-Gelais
  • Tio Tomas, directed by Regina Pessoa (coproduction Portugal)

Off Limits Short Film

Perspectives Short Films

  • Giant Bear, directed by Daniel Gies and Neil Christopher and produced by E.D. Films and Taqqut Productions (Nunavut)
  • Jim Zipper, directed and produced by Alexandre Roy
  • Not Your Panda, directed and produced by Tigris Alt Sakda (coproduction China)

Young Audiences Short Film produced by NFB

  • Bone Mother, directed by Sylvie Trouvé and Dale Hayward

VR Works

  • Gymnasia, directed by Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski and produced by Felix & Paul Studios and NFB

Graduation Short Film

  • DiM, directed by Bogdan Anifrani and produced by Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Concordia University and Bogdan Anifrani

Shoot the Book Anim’

Presentation of Les aventures de Radisson published by Septentrion

Pitching Territory Focus: Québec

Date: Tuesday June 13th 2019 from 3:15PM to 4:30PM

Place: Impérial Palace Ravel

Five Québec-based animation studios, looking for international partners, showcase their newest projects.


Québec is recognized for its highly skilled, talented, creative, efficient, bilingual workforce and for its wide variety of locations and cutting-edge technical infrastructures. However, Québec is particularly attractive due to its vast experience in international coproductions and its stable banking services and financial tools.


Projects presented

La mort n’existe pas
(Death Does Not Exist)

Image du projet de film d'animation La mort n'existe pas


Directed by Félix Dufour-Laperrière
Country: Québec (Canada)
Running time: 80 minutes

Category: Feature film
Technique used: Drawing on paper
Target public: Young adults, Adults
Looking for: Coproducers, broadcasters, distributors

Directed by: Félix Dufour-Laperrière
Production: Productions L’Unité centrale | Embuscade Films


Galilé Marion-Gauvin
Productions L’Unité centrale

After a failed armed attack, a young woman, Helen, flees into the forest. She meets her double, Catherine, who takes her around to visit the river banks. Illusions will soon shake up the order of things as Catherine reveals some of the secrets of this inhabited and whimsical valley, where metamorphoses and upheaval will soon take place. As her alter ego, Catherine will be her guide in this fable about violence, its troubled promises and its terrible disappointments.

Cosmo The Dodo Bird

Image du projet de film d'animation Cosmos Le Dodo


Directed by: Stéphane Stoll
Country: Québec (Canada)
Running time: 52 x 11 minutes

Category: TV Series
Technique used: 3D Computer
Target Public: Children
Looking for: Broadcasters, distributors

Directed by: Stéphane Stoll
Production: Groupe PVP


Sylvie Bélanger
Development Chief
François Trudel
VP, Executive Producer
Groupe PVP

The last of his kind on Earth, our courageous Cosmo travels across the universe hoping to find other dodos like him. Along the way, with his new friends – one lost spaceship robot and three really zany aliens  – he gets very busy protecting stunning creatures and their amazing biodiversity from harm!


Image du projet de film d'animation Dounia


Directed by: To be determined
Country: Québec (Canada)
Running time: 6 x 7 minutes or 42 minutes

Category: TV Series, Webseries
Technique used: 2D Computer
Target public: Children, Family
Looking for: Coproducers, broadcasters. distributors

Directed by: To be determined
Production: Tobo


Judith Beauregard
Executive Producer/Associate

Faced with a major migratory crisis, it has become necessary to address the issue of migration with children and put words on this phenomenon. Dounia is a series which aims to help kids understand the reality of migration and the feelings of displaced children.

Forced to leave their country, Dounia and her grandparents go on a journey to find a new home. As she crosses different lands in search of an asylum, Dounia meets people and lives various adventures. And whenever she encounters challenges, the wisdom of the ancient world – in the form of her grandma’s nigella seeds – comes to her rescue.

Béluga Blues
(Beluga Blues)

Image du projet de film d'animation Béluga Blues


Directed by: Nancy Florence Savard
Country: Québec (Canada)
Running time: 80 minutes

Category:  Feature film
Technique used: 2D Computer
Target public: Family
Looking for: Broadcasters, distributors

Directed by: Nancy Florence Savard
Production: Productions 10e Ave


Nancy Florence Savard
President and Producer
Productions 10e Ave

In the St. Lawrence River lives Katak, a young energetic beluga, who suffers from being too small for his age. Not accepting that an expedition have left without him to save belugas from extinction, he sets out alone along the majestic coasts. He confronts his fears, makes friendships and understands that small jigs can make great heroes.

Smash Down

Image du projet de film d'animation Smash Down


Directed by: Phil Ivanusic and Peter Ricq
Country: Québec (Canada)
Running time: 52 x 11 minutes

Category : TV Series
Techniques used: 2D Computer, 3D Computer
Target public: Children
Looking for: Coproducers, broadcasters, distributors

Directed by: Phil Ivanusic and Peter Ricq
Production: Epic Worlds


Steve Couture
Epic Worlds 

Smash Down is a wild and hilarious action fantasy, bursting at the seams with imagination and literal explosions. Join Yuki, her brother Noah and the rest of her rag tag called the Trailblazers as they compete in the Smash Down sport: white knuckle racing where teams wreck, rebuild and modify their rides on the fly to adapt to randomly changing tracks.