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Société de développement des entreprises culturelles

Postponed from July 18 to 21, 2022

Virtual edition 2021

Quebec participants in Kidscreen Summit


HG Distribution

Contact: Lydia Horman, Director of Content sales & Global digital strategy

Synopsis: : In an abandoned house in a small village, five youngsters discover a secret passage to a mysterious world hiding a priceless treasure. However, the joy brought by this extraordinary discovery will be short-lived for Lou and his friends, who soon learn that the treasure is coveted by some seedy characters with bad intentions. Threatened by immoral villains, our young protagonists have no choice but to plunge into this strange world to save themselves. Together they thwart all danger that awaits, embarking on a treasure hunt that push them to their ultimate limit. Trailer.

Length: 13 x 30 min | Genre: Thriller, fantastic | Status: Available

Research: Buyers (to present our new programs), producers (for new programs’ acquisitions)

About Sex

Echo Media

Contact: Sarah Chatelain, Producer

Synopsis: Young people are inundated with images and messages about their bodies, sexuality and relationships. About Sex invites teens to take a funny and frank look at what’s going on in their head, their heart and between their legs as they navigate life and love as a young adult. Thirty-five episodes explore topics from consent to pornography addiction, through skits, expert advice and teen testimonials.

Length: 35 x 7 min (approximately) | Genre: Educational Comedy | Status: Available

Research: International Broadcast

Audrey’s shelter

Image-In Atlantique

Contact: Jean de Vivie, Producer

Synopsis: A wild and woolly animated series. Have you ever heard of the saiga? Or the kakapo? Or the northern hairy-nosed wombat? No? That’s ok. Audrey will introduce you! These are some of the most endangered animals in the world and they just so happen to be her best friends! That’s because 11-year-old Audrey lives at her family’s refuge for endangered species. She knows first-hand that caring for a menagerie of wild animals isn’t easy, but is always worth it. It just takes a little empathy and a big sense of humor. Welcome to Audrey’s Shelter!

Length: 52 x 11 min | Genre: Animation, youth 2 D | Status: In développement (with Watch Next Média – France)

Research: Broadcasters and responsible for pre-sales

Beluga Blues

10e Ave Productions

Contact: Nancy Florence Savard, Producer

Synopsis: With his clan facing extinction, Katak, a young Beluga, must avoid a deadly orca as he embarks on a quest to find the whale who was his ailing grandmother’s one true love.

Length: 80 min | Genre: Adventure | Status: Pre-production

Research: Distributors, broadcasters

Cat versus Tiger

Kondolole Films

Contact: Annick De Vries, Producer

Synopsis: Micha, a mix between a cat and a tiger, lives a series of experiences for the first time in his life.

Length: 26 x 2 min | Genre: 2D animation, youth | Status: In development

Research: Creatives and 2D studios

Dawn of Humanity

Groupe PVP

Contact: François Trudel, VP & Producer

Synopsis: A social media-savvy teen unknowingly holds the only influence over an artificial intelligence bent on cancelling humanity.

Length: 26 x 22 min | Genre:  Animated Sitcom | Status: In development

Research: pre-sales, coproducer

Felix and the Treasure of Morgäa

Attraction International Distribution

Contact: Xiaojuan Zhou, President

Synopsis: Convinced that his father, who disappeared at sea two years ago, is still alive, 12-year-old Felix embarks on a search for him in the company of Old Tom, a retired fisherman; Squawk, a thieving one-legged parrot; and Rover, a cat who acts like a dog. Their journey takes them to Darkshadow Island, where a secret community inhabits an underground city, ruled by the megalomaniacal Morgäa, possessor of a priceless treasure. Trailer.

Length: 80 min | Genre: Animation | Status: Available

Research: Buyers for our animation films and series and great animation properties to acquire for international distribution as well

Interstellar Ella

Apartment 11 Productions

Contact: Jonathan Finkelstein, President & Executive Producer

Synopsis: Boldly going where no seven-year-old has gone before.

Length: 52 x 11 min | Genre: Upper preschool | Status: In production

Research: Additional pre-sales

Riley Rocket

Oasis Animation

Contact: Isabelle Bilodeau, Director Business development

Synopsis: Riley Rocket is an action-packed, musical comedy about Riley and her band, who gain supersonic powers after cranking up the volume and causing an electrifying sonic surge during a band jam. Now they are secret superheroes who use the power of their music to save the day – baddies beware!

Length: 52 x 11 min | Genre: Comedy action, adventure with music | Status: In development

Research: Broadcasters, distributors and co-production with partners

Six degrees

Encore Télévision-Distribution

Contact: Chrystine Girard, Head of International Distribution

Synopsis: Leon Forest is a 16-year-old who is completely blind in one eye, but who can see exactly six degrees in his other eye. Raised and homeschooled by his single mother, Leon’s insulated world completely falls apart when she suddenly dies. Leon moves to the city to live with the large family of his biological father, Francis. Leon is grieving the loss of his mother, but also making many new and exciting discoveries. He goes to public school, he makes friends and even falls in love. In the space of two months, Leon carves out a space for himself and manages to feel at home. Trailer.

Length: 13 x 22 min | Genre: Tweens-Teens (11-17) | Status: In post-production

Research: Chains’ responsibles for acquisitions


Pink Parrot Media

Contact: Geneviève Soucy, Sales Manager

Synopsis: Best friends Violet, Tomas, Sami and Kiki love to play outside and invent wildly funny and silly games in the snow. Come on let’s go join them! Trailer.

Length: 52 x 5 min or 26 x 11 min | Genre: Animation, youth | Status: Available

Research: Local buyers from LATAM, ASIA and SCANDINAVIA who are interested in the series and it’s 360 brand deployment including books licencing (8), merchandising, VR clips and more

Super Agent Jon Le Bon!

Happy Camper Média

Contact: Renaud Sylvain, CEO & Executive Producer

Synopsis: A super-duper-secret organization called the Agency is responsible for protecting the Earth and its population from supervillains thriving with wicked ideas and ambitions! The Agency counts amongst its ranks the famous super-agent Jon Le Bon, who always manages to achieve what he undertakes without even trying and constantly saves the Earth from impending disasters. Trailer.

Length: 39 x 7 min | Genre: 2D animation | Status: Available

Research: International sales, pre-sales and coproductions

The Adventures of Li’LDoc

Gala Productions

Contact: Philippe Régnoux, CEO, Producer

Synopsis: The young Canadian doctor Li’LDoc and her chameleon companion Geeko are an all-time duo of explorers. They are curious, hungry for discovery and always there to explain various health issues that affect both adults and children. From small “owies” to more severe sickness, explaining health is their business! While setting off in search of their friends from the animal shelter scattered across the four corners of the world, Li’LDoc and Geeko will come face to face with puzzling surprises and health issues of all kinds. Li’LDoc diagnoses, investigates, refers the sick to specialists, and even takes the time to observe and understand the context of certain health issues in every country. Like a full-scale treasure hunt, our two heroes will experience wonderful encounters.

Length: 20 x 11 min | Genre: Animation, educational | Status: In development

Research: For our two international projects (the animated series The Adventures of Li’Ldoc and The Fortissimos), we are looking for investment partners to go into production in the Spring and Fall of 2021 respectively

Zamzoom’s Animal Adventures

Rotating Planet Productions

Contact: Ari A. Cohen, Producer

Synopsis: Zamzoom’s Animal Adventures is a hybrid series mixing 2D animation and live action that takes young people on a fabulous journey around the Earth. In each episode, Zamzoom, an enthusiastically impulsive space-alien explorer and Orbie, a sharp-as-a-whistle robot partner, spin the globe, point and go! They land in some of Earth’s most stunning landscapes. Coming face-to-face with an eclectic cast of real-life animals, Zamzoom and Orbie learn about what makes each species unique and answer questions children often have. Trailer.

Length: 13 x 7 min | Genre: mixes-media (2D animation with live action) | Status: Season 1 available and Season 2 in development

Research: Commissions, acquisitions