Société de développement des entreprises culturelles
Société de développement des entreprises culturelles

April 17 to 19, 2023

Photo du nouveau pavillon Québec créatif au MIPTV 2023
New Québec Creates Pavilion at MIPTV 2023

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Québec Creates at MIPTV 2023

Organized by SODEC

In partnership with

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SODEC’s Québec Creates pavilion is the business center for Québec companies at MIPTV.

Participating companies

Image menant vers la liste des entreprises participant au MIPTV sous le pavillon Québec créatif /


Bell Media
Lucie Quenneville, General Manager, Programming Strategies and Acquisitions
Franca Cerretti, Director, Acquisitions & strategic intelligence

Jacques Fortin, President

Encore Télévision-Distribution
Dominique Simard, VP, business affairs
Chrystine Girard, Head of International Distribution

Franky Films
Francesco Giannini, Director and Producer

Idéacom International
Josette D. NormandeauPresident

Just For Laughs
Emilie Corriveau, Head of French TV development
Marina Di Pancrazio, Chief Content Revenue Officer
Fred Joubaud, Director of Content & Strategic Partnerships
Yann Vallières, Content Producer Gags series & Development

KO Distribution
Louis-Philippe Drolet
, VP, General Manager
Mia Desroches, VP, distribution
Dominic Anctil, Content Producer and director of development

Muse Distribution International
Michael Prupas, President
Shawn Rosengarten, VP, distribution

Nicola Merola, President and producer

Quebecor Content
Cynthia Kennedy, VP, distribution

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
Éric julien, Partner, Tax
Alain Lacasse, Partner, Assurance

St Laurent TV
Lou Bélanger, Associate
Marieme Ndiaye, President
Rafael Pérez, Associate

Nadine Dufour
, VP, content
Virginie Langlois, Director, Consumer Content
Nathalie Mayotte, Head of Content, Acquisitions

Terre Innue
Frédérique Alain, Producer
Francine AllaireProducer
Isabelle Couture, Producer
Kim O’Bomsawin, President and Director

Trio Orange
Carlos Soldevila, President and Executive Producer
Annie Sirois, Partner and Producer

Untamed Productions
Roselyne Brouillet, Business Development

Annie Bourdeau, Producer

Nicola Merola (Pixcom), International Drama Co-Production Breakfast Host

Photo de Nicola Merola

On April 18, PIXCOM President Nicola Merola will host a panel discussing coproductions with Canada as part of the International Drama Co-Production Breakfast.

This panel is intended to present innovative ways of working collaboratively within a Canadian coproduction.

Three other industry experts will join the panel: Ijeoma Onah, CEO of SuperTV; Amanda Groom, managing director of The Bridge; and Victoria Yarmoshcuk, CEO of FILM.UA Group and executive director of the Ukrainian Motion Picture Association.



The 6th edition of CANNESERIES will take from April 14 to 19, 2023.

Three Québec series in official competition

Good morning Chuck (or the art of harm reduction)

Photo de la série Bon matin Chuck

Production: St Laurent TV
Creation: Jean Francois Rivard, Nicolas Pinson, Mathieu Cyr, Émilie Lemay-Perreault
Script: Jean-Francois Rivard, Sarianne Cormier, Patrick Dupuis
Direction: Jean-François Rivard, Mathieu Cyr
Music: Olivier Langevin

Category: Competition

Synopsis: Chuck, the beloved host of a morning show, finds himself on the front page of all the newspapers and gossip magazines after a scandal involving his drug and alcohol addiction erupts. All of Quebec is in shock, but for those close to him, this is the final straw. With his reputation on the line, Chuck heads to rehab in order to convince his spouse, his agent, and the public of his (relative) goodwill. The problem: Chuck doesn’t really think he needs help··· he tells anyone who will listen that he’s just a party guy!

Number of episodes: 10

Sales contact: Suzane Landry, VP, Content Development, Programming and News, Bell Media –

Lac-Mégantic – it is not an accident

Photo de la série Lac-Mégantic - ceci n'est pas un accident

Production: Trio Orange
Creation: Philippe Falardeau, Nancy Guerin, Elric Robichon
Script: Philippe Falardeau, Nancy Guerin
Direction: Philippe Falardeau
Music: Mathieu Charbonneau, Christophe Lamarche-Ledoux

Category: Documentary Series Competition

Synopsis: Just after midnight, on the crest of a hill, the last few pounds of air hiss out of a 10,290-ton freight train. Powered only by gravity, the runaway descends. Within seconds, six million liters of Bakken fuel explode, 47 are dead, incinerating downtown. From director Phillipe Falardeau, Lac-Mégantic investigates one of the worst oil train tragedies in history, a foreseeable catastrophe ignited by corporate and political negligence. The next Lac-Mégantic is not a matter of if but when.

Number of episodes: 4

Sales contact: Carlos Soldevila, President and Executive Producer, Annie Sirois, Partner and Producer, Trio Orange |

Thin Air

Photo de la série L'air d'aller

Production: URBANIA
Creation: Jean-Christophe Réhel
Script: Jean-Christophe Réhel
Direction: Sarah Pellerin
Music: Arthur Gaumont-Marchand

Category: Short Form Competition

Synopsis: An offbeat, moving and inspiring comedy that reveals how sick people can be happier than those who are bursting with health! This is the inspiring story of four friends, all of whom have cystic fibrosis, and who rediscover a fierce desire to live life to the fullest when they learn that one of them could die before autumn’s end. But make no mistake, this series is not about illness! It looks at the issues of life, friendship, making dreams come true and the people who are by your side when things go very wrong.

Number of episodes: 10

Sales contact: Chrystine Girard, Head of International Distribution, Encore International